From Auckland, New Zealand. Currently in Seoul, Korea.

I photograph people and places to learn more about the world, about other people’s lives, and about myself. I photograph with a mix of analogue (large format to half-frame film cameras as well as polaroid) and digital cameras. I also incorporate archival photos and documents, plus text from interviews with subjects. I make my own photobooks and zines.

Publications with my images include Cosmopolitan Bulgaria, Tengu Japan, Groove Korea, The Korea Herald, Remix New Zealand, The Cut New Zealand.


"FUAM Dummy Book Awards Finalist", Istanbul Photobook Festival 2017, Turkey

"Kassel Dummy Award 2017 Finalist", Finalists' photobooks will be exhibited over the next 12 months in Istanbul, Dublin, Moscow, Lodz, Kassel etc.

"New Zealand Photobook of the Year Awards Finalist - 'Commended' Prize" Studio 541, Auckland, New Zealand. Finalists' books will be exhibited in coming months in major cities in NZ and Australia.

"MOPLA Photo Book Exhibition", Venice Arts, Los Angeles, USA

Duplex City - Acquired by The Art Institute of Chicago Special Artist Books Collection Library




"The Impossible Image" BIP, Liege, Belgium

"RPS Photobook MasterClass 2015 Exhibition" Reminders Stronghold Photography, Tokyo, Japan

"Black & White" PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

"Photobook Dummy Showcase", Steidl DECK Asia Book Award, DECK, Singapore

"The Cat Show" PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

"LInes & Curves" PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary




"Feline Freedom: Portraits of HBC Cats" Fat Cat, Seoul, Korea

"Changed Unchanged: Korea From the Road" Cafe des Arts, Seoul, Korea

"Namsan More Beautiful Than Answers" Garage Gallery, Seoul, Korea

"Gyeongbokgung: Unexpected Ways" Le Saint-Ex, Seoul, Korea